Paleo Coconut Chicken

Chicken Skewers

When it comes to diet and nutrition, few trends are attracting more attention than the Paleo diet. As healthy eating specialists, we are pleased to offer this option to interested clients.  Here’s how you can benefit from our expertise. 

The Paleo diet revolves around one simple idea – you eat what a caveman would eat. This means no gluten, no lactose, just anything that could land on the dinner plate of a hunter/gatherer. It’s argued this is a very natural way of eating.

Though we have many other offerings, a large number of Essential Meal Delivery clients follow a Paleo diet. As our business expands rapidly and new joiners look over our extensive menu, one question keeps popping up – which meals are the Paleo ones?

The answer is simple: all of them. Whether it’s Beef Bolognaise, or Cottage Pie with Steamed Greens, or our from scratch coconut crusted chicken fingers (pictured at the right) we’ll cook to your preferences.

But don’t worry. If you’re not Paleo then you will have real cheddar in your Almond Cheddar Chicken. This is the advantage of a service that caters to individual specialty diets. No matter what your restrictions or preferences are, they’ll be taken care of.

Let’s look at Beef Bolognaise. Traditionally it’s served over flour-based spaghetti pasta, but at Essential Meal Delivery we shred fresh squash to make a vegetable bed for the sauce dish. This gives you the textures and feels of the Classic Italian Entrée, but it’s much healthier. And it’s the biggest step in taking care of your Paleo restrictions.

Two other examples. Our Chicken Fingers are coconut crusted and rolled together with a blend of Dijon mustard and fresh herbs. Our Cottage Pie is plated on a cauliflower mash instead of a dense potato filling.

As always, we are here for you. Just let us know how we can help.