Mother’s are Essential

Posted on May 4, 2020

As we approach Mother’s Day, this year more than ever I’m thankful for mine. For all the caregivers out there, thank you!


David and Jenny

My Mum and I. 2017 High Park Cherry Blossoms.

I miss my Mom. Day 45 in social isolation and face time isn’t the same as in-person hugs. Just being honest. And for that reason this post is all about her.


My mom is a strong British Lady who raised 4 children while working full time. Up until September 2019 she ran a Children’s Health Care Centre in my hometown of Sarnia, Ontario called Pathway’s. Her retirement party was surreal, the mayor and members of parliament showed up, that’s when I knew she was a big deal………. just kidding I knew it earlier because she’s my mom and she’s cool.


Retired life didn’t last long until she ended up hands-on in my Dad’s medical practice. My parents love what they do and they live to work to give back and support their community. They are front line care workers keeping the medical practice going while my Dad does double time chairing the Infection Control Committee for Bluewater Heath helping guide the Hospital in Sarnia through this COVID-19 situation.


Our initiative to help Front Line Workers with our weekly meals is inspired by the work my parents and sister do. I really like being able to do something that can make a difference when some days I feel frozen on the inside because of COVID.


My mom loves my food. She’s been one of my biggest cheerleaders since I started this venture back in 2010. If I could cook her a meal this year I would. This year we celebrate 10 years of service on her birthday, which is also Mothers Day. What an Honor to share the day with her!


gift card

Give your mom the gift of meals this Mothers day. Get meals for the family and Video Chat with them if you can or someone who is that maternal person in your life! A $100 Gift Card gets her dinners for the week.


To all the Mom’s out there, thank you for being you and raising pretty spectacular children. 🙂


I’m here if you have any questions,

Take Care,