Could your parents use a helping hand with meals? Are you searching for a solution? Essential Meal Delivery can help and has a few solutions.



Senior Couple Eating Healthy Meals

Over the years we have helped hundreds of clients enjoy the freedom and independence of living at home while unburdening the tasks that can get in the way. Providing nutritious meals that you can customize to meet your expectations is where we thrive.


Steps to Success!


  1. When organizing meals for another family member we recommend setting up an online account for them. This allows them to enjoy the meals and not to have to worry about a new routine of ordering meals and dealing with an unfamiliar website. We are on online business and this makes it easier for you to help from a distance.
  2. Speak with your parents or family about how the service works and how delivery works. Communication is key to ensure they understand how deliveries arrive. Follow this link to print our delivery guide!
  3. Once or twice a week sit with your family or call them and discuss the menu, it is always listed online or within your account. It becomes a discussion about what they like and you can update your preferences if anything comes up. Within your account you can update preferences if there is a request for something to be changed.
  4. Have the delivery alerts go to your personal phone, you can then check in on them that they received it.
    Delivery Items

    Cooler Bag with Delivery

  5. And finally repeat the process over again. Keep enjoying meals at home which are way better than alternative senior meal delivery programs.


We have 4 different sizes of meals so if their appetite is smaller you could order our snacks which are mini meals. Or our regular meals that can be eaten and resealed to have more when ready! We all have different needs for meals pick the meal size that works best for your needs.


When you are ready, sign up online and order a 6 meal sample pack. You can see if they like the meals and there is no pressure to order, use our service on demand when you know help will be needed.

I’m here to help if you need anything or have questions.


Until Next Time,


David & The Essential Meal Delivery Team