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Salmon Meal DeliveryOur meal delivery service gets rave reviews. May our chef deliver the handcrafted meals you prefer on a schedule you can change any time? We offer the ultimate in personalization and customization. 

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Best of all, you always get exactly what you want. You never have to choose from a handful of pre-prepared meals.

Everything is cooked to order according to your specifications. We offer 300-350 calorie snack/mini-meals; plus 400, 500 and 600 calories versions of all our meals. Everything is available in Post Workout (PW) and Anytime (AT) versions. The PW meals contain more starchy carbs.

Albert Cheng MMA

Albert Cheng, MMA Fighter

People who use our service range from young professionals on-the-go…to athletes…to seniors.

Consultants, Bay Street professionals, doctors, lawyers, software engineers, actors and others leave the cooking to us…so they can get on with their busy lives. Many of our clients use our meals in conjunction with a fitness regimen.

A few are even professional athletes. “Staying conditioned is important to the fight game,” says MMA Fighter Albert Cheng, adding that proper nutrition is essential in preventing over-training.

Bill-HennesseyAnd Bill Hennessey of Oxford Marketing Group writes:

“I’m a business owner who lives a very hectic life, but I’m invested in my health and work out 6 times a week. This service ensures I don’t miss meals and puts extremely healthy food into my system.”

Order delicious meals from your personal chef for as little as $15 each.