How does ordering work?

Your personal Web page always displays a running total of what remains in your account. Just pick the meals you want each week and they are deducted from your account. Start or stop your service anytime. Our service is like a pre-paid phone card.

What are the ordering deadlines?Toronto Meal Delivery

We send an email every Wednesday with the next week’s menu. Ordering deadlines are:

– Saturday at Noon for Sunday Night Delivery

– Tuesday at Noon for Wednesday Night Delivery

Meal Delivery TorontoHow do I reheat meals?

Just microwave on high for 3 minutes. Stir and test for heat. Continue heating for 1-3 more minutes, according to taste. Remember: ovens and personal preferences vary, so experiment to find out what works best for you. Some people prefer the chicken, beef or fish in our salads warm. Just flip the protein in the lid of the container and microwave on high for 90 seconds. Then, combine with salad, add dressing and enjoy!


Toronto Meal deliveryThose are pretty fancy food containers you send. Should I recycle them?

Yes, please! Our drivers deliver your meals in containers packed in
coolers with ice packs. We are an environmentally conscious company that wants to do the right thing … and asks for your help. Please return ice packs and coolers to us. And please wash out the food containers and return those, too.

I’m not trying to lose weight. Can I still eat your food?

Absolutely. Just let us know your health goals and personal preferences.

What if I need to change my preferences?

Just let us know. You can always change your preferences or delivery schedule. We ask for a minimum of 24 hours notice. But our job is to make your life easier, so we will do our best to accommodate you.

Do you offer Vegetarian, Kosher, or Halal meals?

No. We have great respect for these traditions, but they aren’t within the realm of our expertise. Thanks for your understanding! That said, we are happy to exclude beef, pork, bacon, or any other ingredient you specify…at no additional charge.

Anything else? 

Please consult your doctor before discontinuing any medication or making dietary changes that could affect interactions with medication.

More questions?

Email us or call 647-230-0085

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