How We Deliver


How we Deliver our Meals to you…….


First it’s important to understand we operate like a pre-paid phone card, sign-up and load your account with the quantity you need for the week or month and select as you like. The more you purchase the more you save, below is how we deliver the meals to you. Have a questions, we are happy to answer them!


We take great pride including delivery in our pricing and allowing for flexibility with order quantities. We offer 2 menu’s each week to give variety, and ensure freshness!


Meals are delivered packed with cooler packs in an insulated tote bag, so no need to receive the meals personally, they can wait for you!


If you have an outdoor delivery just let us know ahead. Its important for us to know to protect the meals against the weather and raccoons. 


For indoor deliveries, let us know where to leave the delivery. Check that your concierge accepts deliveries, or ensure we know your buzzer number so we can leave outside your door.


We deliver in two shifts:


Call us if you have questions or concerns. Communication is key before the first delivery.  Please ensure there is somewhere safe for us to leave your cooler bag. 



  • 7:30pm – 10:30pm, on the service date, Select a minimum of 2 meals or 4 Snacks. 


  • 10:30 AM to 1:00 PM, on the service date for those that qualify for AM delivery. There is no delivery charge, Just select 4 meals or 6 snacks.


You will receive a text and an email to prompt you of delivery. First an e-mail to remind you, and secondly a text to give you an ETA when the driver is on the way to you.



 Enter your postal code in the box at the very bottom right of this page to which delivery zone you can use. If you are in the Red zone, you get to choose if you’d like AM or PM



Custom Delivery Times can be arranged for a Nominal Fee from $14 to $30 per delivery, again this is only if you really need something outside of our delivery model. We always chat before having extra delivery fees.


Ordering Deadlines. We send an email every Wednesday afternoon to alert you to choose the next week’s meals.



Toronto Meal DeliveryNotes:

  • We can deliver to your home, office or gym. And we can leave your meals with a concierge or security guard. Just make sure it’s okay with them. Ensure they are there to accept the meals when delivered (including Sunday evening for Monday service dates.) There is no need for you to open your door, or accept the meals personally.


  • There is a six snack minimum per delivery if you are ordering snacks only. But you may order any number of snacks if you are also ordering at least two meals.


  • There is no need to order a week’s meals in one delivery. You will have a greater choice if you opt for two deliveries.