Our Plan Regarding COVID-19

Posted on March 17, 2020

Dear Valued Client and New Customers,


We value your business and want to keep you up to date with changes happening.


We will stay open with no changes to delivery days for the foreseeable future with a few added services.  All morning deliveries will need to be switched to evening delivery, I will reach out personally.


We have a very safe system and our food suppliers are fully stocked. There are strict guidelines put in place of how supplies arrive in our kitchen all the way to packaging and delivery. (HACCP)


We’ve increased all cleaning on high contact surfaces. Door handles, table tops and such.  All employees have been coached on hand washing techniques and know what to look out for.


As always we wear gloves and uniforms when cooking and never touch your final meal with our bare hands. It’s the way we’ve always plated and will continue to do so.


My employees were given unlimited sick days as of last Friday. So if they feel sick or if I see anything I’m concerned about they stay home fully paid. It’s one of the biggest issues that there is in food service that most food and beverage staff don’t have benefits or coverage to handle being off work.


We are a closed kitchen so it’s myself and 3 staff, no public access right now. I assure you it’s safe and probably safer than going out in a crowded environment. Especially if the current scenario worsens before it gets better.


What we ask of our customers;


  1. Starting today do not return meal containers to us.
  2. Ensure your phone number we have is a text friendly number. This allows minimal contact as we send texts with delivery. Ideally we place at your door and text you of completion
  3. If you know someone at risk or living alone, give them a call and check in. Self Isolation can be a difficult thing to handle with no contact. Spread some love.


EMD Pantry Service


Starting Wednesday. Pantry items will be for sale with no mark up or delivery fee. This ensures that if you need eggs, butter or cream you can get it with ease. I’ll just put in a cooler bag and invoice separately. Send me your lists and I’ll take care of it within the next delivery period along with your meals. We’ve done this for our senior care and I’m extending it to everyone.


I hope this helps answer any questions you may have. I’m always here if you need me. In the event we do need to pause service, I will reach out with as much notice as I can.


Take Care,


David Greensmith

Owner, Essential Meal Delivery Inc.