All About Paleo and Us

Posted on May 9, 2014

When it comes to diet and nutrition, few trends are attracting more attention than the Paleo diet. As healthy eating specialists, we are pleased to offer this option to interested clients.  Here’s how you can benefit from our expertise.  The Paleo diet revolves around one simple idea – you eat what a caveman would eat. This means no gluten, no lactose, just anything that could land on the dinner plate of a hunter/gatherer. It’s argued this is a very natural way of eating. Though we have many other offerings, a large number of Essential Meal Delivery clients follow a Paleo diet. As our business expands rapidly and new joiners look over our extensive menu, one question… Read More

Toronto Meal Delivery

Can delivery of your meals help change the lives of the people who deliver them? We think so. That’s why we’re proud to use Good Foot Delivery for our morning meal deliveries in downtown Toronto. Good Foot is a courier service whose couriers all have some form of developmental (or other) disability. Essential Meal Delivery owner David Greensmith describes the service as “absolutely reliable” and says it is just as committed to excellence as he is. “So this is not a charity thing. It’s a win-win that delivers for customers and builds a better community.”  Career opportunities for the developmentally disabled are often limited. The best many can hope for is a dishwashing… Read More

“Healthy meals handcrafted just for you.” This is Essential Meal Delivery’s slogan. It’s an idea that we’ve spent the last four years perfecting. And it’s an idea that’s valued by the people we cook for. Even with our growing client list, we prepare meals to each individual’s tastes and preferences. So how do we do it? How do we cook for fifty with the care of a personal chef? Here’s how. When someone signs up for Essential Meal Delivery, they’re asked about their allergies, diet, and food preferences. These specifications are brought forward every time an order hits our kitchen. So a menu item at EMD doesn’t just take up an… Read More