How it Works




A Guide to How our System Works


Step 1: Sign Up and Purchase


Purchase a number of meals you would like for a week or a month, our meal credits are valid for 6 months. Or Redeem your gift card for its value, by purchasing the number of credits you desire.


Step 2: Pick a Delivery Time, we deliver in 2 shifts.


AM (10:30am-1pm)


PM (7:30pm – 10:30pm)


Use the widget at the bottom of any screen to see which delivery time your area qualifies you for. If you qualify for AM you automatically Qualify for PM.


Setting up a delivery routine will take away your worries, but it is important you understand these times. Requesting custom delivery times require additional delivery fees.


Step 3: Selecting your Meals


Complete your profile and login in to select your meals from the credits you have purchased or redeemed. EveryToronto Paleo Wednesday a new menu will appear for the following week, but regardless a menu will always be available to select from. You have 6 months to use the credits, so no need to rush.


Follow the guides to selecting your Meals for AM select a minimum 4 meals and for PM select a minimum of 2 meals. Once you have selected and are sure of your selections Press Submit.


Have any Questions give us a call or email and we can guide you through 647-230-0085.


Step 4: Delivery


We deliver on the dates of your menu selections, you will get an email reminding you of your delivery the night of, as well as a SMS text of the expected time of arrival when we are coming to you. Its very important you understand our delivery times, if you have questions please ask before you order.


We like to setup a delivery routine; all meals are delivered on Ice and in an Insulated Tote Bag. They are safe until morning, or home to pickup them up!


Requesting custom delivery times require additional delivery fees, again please ensure you’ve understood how we operate.


Step 5: Eat, Enjoy, and Repeat Steps 3 and 4!

Have questions? We’d love to answer them.