Meal Delivery Gift Cards

Toronto Meal DeliveryGive the gift of delicious  meals to Toronto friends. Just select the amount of your gift. Your friends can enjoy the meals anytime. 

Your friends can choose anything they like. Our chefs will handcraft gourmet meals according to your friends’ preferences. 

Your friends will think of you every time they enjoy another delicious meal!

Ordering is simple and easy. Do it online right now. Just select the amount of your gift. We’ll email you an electronic gift card with a coupon code you can pass on to your friend. That’s it!

You and your friends can select when we deliver the meals, how big they are, and what’s in them. 

Below are just some examples. Many variations are available.                                                             Bottom line: We customize everything, just for you and your friends. 

$100 Gift Card
Can be used for:
  • 5 healthy meals; OR
  • 5 paleo meals; OR
  • 3 certified organic meals, and 2 mini-meals
$250 Gift Card
Our most popular option! Can be used for:
  • 12 heathy meals; OR
  • 12 Paleo Meals; OR
  • 10 certified organic meals
$500 Gift Card
Can be used for:
  • 26 healthy meals; OR
  • 26 Paleo meals; OR
  • 20 certified organic meals and 3 certified organic mini-meals

Want to customize your gift card? Click here to buy a gift card for any amount over $75.